A digital marketing, e-commerce, and digital transformation consulting firm focused on honesty.

Just as lawyers or accountants do in their field of expertise, we provide professional advice before embarking on a digital project, and support with your service providers throughout the process.


About Us

Here’s how we’re different

What is B. Frank?

We are consultants in digital transformation, e-commerce, and digital marketing. We are not an agency. We work at a level above the agencies, directly for your benefit.

Who is B. Frank?

B. Frank is a philosophy, not a person. Our name is a nod to our mission: We aim to introduce more transparency and frankness to an industry that is too often lacking in these areas. We’re from Montreal and we speak franglais. Founded by one of Quebec’s early Internet pioneers, we’re a team of people who aren’t afraid to do things differently.

Why B. Frank?

Because we believe that the traditional agency model is broken. Clients aren’t getting the quality of service they need or expect. And, let’s B. Frank about it: We believe there’s way too much bullshit in our industry, and that needs to change.


Our Expertise

Here's how we can help you.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is far more than simply building a website or selling your products online. It’s a complete transformation of your entire organisation: your processes, your people, your use of data, and your technology platforms and tools.

At B.Frank, we approach digital transformation with a personal, human touch. Because, at the end of the day, technology is only as useful as the people who interact with it. We take on transformation of leadership, change management, and support in rolling out and learning new technologies and tools.


Sales drive your business, but marketing steers its course.

To fully understand all of the opportunities within digital marketing requires dozens of different types of expertise. Rather than offering a 360-degree team of people with mediocre knowledge of many spaces, we opt to work flexibly with recognized subject matter experts in each field. This way, we bring you high quality expertise in the specific areas you need, including digital media, social media, content strategy, product optimisation, SEO, marketing automation and CRM, brand identity, and strategic planning.

B.Frank creates your plan of attack and finds the right people to carry it out.


We help businesses who are at the stage of launching their e-commerce activities, as well as those already in-market looking to optimise their sales.

There are a wide range of options for e-commerce platforms to sell online, and they don’t need to cost a lot of money. Today’s e-commerce solutions are affordable and simple to implement. Whether you need a dedicated e-commerce site, a Shopify site, an Amazon store, or even an Etsy profile, there’s a viable option to fit the needs and budget of every business, big or small. Our role isn’t to sell you a platform or a technology, but to help you to launch your online sales quickly and efficiently as possible.


At B.Frank, we love to educate! Sharing knowledge is at the heart of our approach. We want to help our clients learn and master the elements of digital marketing that are the most relevant to them.

B.Frank has developed training courses for management and employee teams. Our courses are modular and customizable to your needs. We offer one-off conferences, workshops, and ongoing training programs. Our approach is interactive, friendly, and knowledge-based, helping your team demystify and master the core concepts of a diverse range of subjects in the digital world.

To adapt to the current realities of a COVID world, all of our workshops are available via remote video-conference, thanks to our collaboration with OBOX.Studio.

Instead of typing “how to…?” in YouTube, write to us here.

Our Approach

How we get it done


The first thing we do is talk. We start by understanding your needs, your expectations, your resources, your current challenges, your goals, and — most importantly — how we’ll measure success.


The most dangerous thing in business is an unchallenged bad idea. Our job is to protect you from this trap. We question all assumptions, to build you a digital plan that’s realistic, achievable, and profitable.


Once we’ve agreed on our objectives, we’ll work with you to build a digital action plan that covers the short, medium and long term. We take your budget and resources into account, and include key success metrics at each phase.


Strategy without tactics is nothing but a theoretical exercise. Whether we’re supervising your suppliers or doing the work ourselves, we’re there for you every step of the way, moving the plan ever forward.

Our Team

This is who we are.

Chrystian Guy
The Pioneer

Chrystian Guy is an Internet pioneer. He was the co-creator of La Toile du Québec, the first directory portal in the province, and the founder of Netgraphe, the first dotcom company to go public in Canada. He received a Distinction of Honour from the Internet Society of Canada for his contribution to the advancement of the Canadian Internet.

For 25 years, I’ve strived to help people and organizations use digital technologies, push the boundaries of e-commerce, and find the best people for types of jobs that didn’t exist last year! Chrystian Guy
Maude Vézina
The Digital Native

Maude is a digital native who has developed strong expertise in communication and business strategy. Her critical thinking skills, curiosity, and superb analytical mind have helped her hone her expertise in the field. Passionate about entrepreneurship, she is completing an M.Sc in strategy at HEC Montreal focusing on business model innovation.

Connecting the worlds of communication and business together is, in my view, essential for organisations in today’s world. In an age where the flow of information is astronomical, having a digital strategy is an key component of success. Maude Vézina

Our Allies

This is who we team up with.


We have the privilege of collaborating with the best brains in digital. Our decentralized model gives us the flexibility to choose the right people for each type of project, so you always get the team you need.

Associated Firms

B.Frank already has an established and trusted association with firms specialized in content creation, media, promotion, and branding, as well as development and implementation of digital technologies.


We’re dedicated generalists. That’s why we love to surround ourselves with the best specialists. Our expert freelancers help you to tackle the most niche, complex and critical tasks in the digital ecosystem.

Work With Us

We are constantly looking for new talent to join our team. If you’re passionate about marketing, the digital landscape, and you’re ready to dive into exciting mandates and projects, we’d love to meet you.

    Our Accomplishments

    Here's what we've achieved.

    Clients served
    Combined years of digital experience
    Specialized collaborators
    Websites analysed

    They put their trust in B.Frank

    Kind words form great people.

    Sarah Gibson
    Sarah Gibson
    Senior Director, Content Marketing

    “Chrystian is one of the most approachable, generous senior managers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He’s straightforward, incisive, and magnanimous with a sense of humour that can transform even the most pressured moments into manageable (even fun) challenges. He expertly removes barriers for people, empowering them to forge ahead, and he’s quick to give credit when and where it’s due. He’s both a creative thinker and a sharp pragmatist – a rare combination that makes him a problem-solver extraordinaire.”

    Jeffrey Dungen
    Jeffrey Dungen
    CEO Reely Active

    “Chrystian first described himself to me as “the guy who sums up a long meeting in a single succinct sentence that resonates with everyone in the room”. You know, that guy who suddenly makes the next step seem so obvious. And I can attest than in even our first session working together, he was indeed that guy (yes, all the guy puns are intentional)! There’s a lot going on in his brilliant mind, and you can consider yourself lucky if the challenge you’re trying to overcome is in there too. I look forward to every chance I have to grab lunch with him as I have no idea where the discussion will take us, I only know we’ll both enjoy taking it way too far!”

    Mireille Tessier
    Mireille Tessier
    Business Owner

    Chrystian’s greatest quality is his generosity. He gives his time, sound advice and respect boundlessly. He gives honest feedback, both positive and negative, through humour and wit. He can quickly pinpoint strengths in others, help create connections and rally people around him. As a marketer, his experience and breadth of knowledge make him an invaluable ally, mentor and sounding board. A bombast and an entertainer, his speeches and keynotes are always worth taping to review at later times.

    Rupa Sehgal
    Rupa Sehgal
    Senior Content Marketing Manager

    Chrystian is a one-of-a-kind, out of the box thinker! He fosters a positive, collaborative team synergy, while supporting every individual’s personal growth and successes. His transparency and sense of humor make him approachable and down-to-earth.

    Marc Lavallée
    Marc Lavallée
    Principal Partner – Business Development Consultant

    I had the privilege to work in collaboration with Chrystian and I must say that he is one of those leaders that you never forget. His charismatic leadership and creativity are mindblowing.

    Let’s B. Frank

    Starting up a digital project? Encountering issues during production? Write to us and let’s start a conversation.